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Roger Seddon


I am a professionally taught painter of traditional and more contemporary landscapes and seascapes working in oils, pastels and acrylic. I also enjoy observing life and will use pencil, and pen and ink to produce finished drawings and sketches of subjects that capture my interest. Many of these works are based on travel overseas, especially in Mediterranean Europe, India, Central and South America and New Zealand.

Travel the world, but home is always best. Dorset is a very beautiful county, renowned for its World Heritage coastline and unspoilt countryside. It has been my home for over 30 years and is the inspiration for most of my work.

I have experimented with watercolour, pastel, acrylic and oil but over the years have acquired a particular passion for the luminescence of oil and the graphic qualities of soft pastel. These now remain my two preferred methods of working . Sometimes I will use acrylic to produce preliminary studies for studio paintings and have developed my own style enabling me to capture and replicate the effects and appearance of pastel using special brush techniques.

An artist must never remain static but continue to develop and express feelings for art in different and creative ways. For that reason I constantly push the boundaries beyond my immediate comfort zone. My preference is to remain flexible in outlook and paint in a variety of media choosing the one best suited to convey my feelings for the subject and my creative mood at the time.

My landscapes can be moody, dramatic and unresolved. I try to keep detail to a minimum so that observers can participate, interpret and discover. Painting is about expressing feelings. My aim is for each painting to be fresh, loose and subjective. The main influences on my work are Edward Seago, Trevor Chamberlain, JMW Turner, Claude Lorraine and Norfolk teaching artist Martin Kinnear. Others include Cuyp and Donald Hamilton Fraser.

I enthuse about the work of American pastelists Bill Creevy and Albert Handell. Also, Margaret Dyer, Lorianne Signori, Felicity House and of course Edgar Degas.

I am an exhibiting member of Bournemouth Arts Club / Southern Contemporaries

COPYRIGHT LAW: BY LAW the express permission of the Artist and Copyright Holder MUST be obtained for any further use of these pictures.


Prize Winner 2016

Viewer's Choice Prize

Daybreak, Sandbanks, Poole