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Coronavirus update Coronavirus Update   With current events changing rapidly, we have reluctantly decided to ...

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Our Volunteers

We owe a huge debt of thanks to our wonderful team of Volunteers, who willingly help each year with a myriad of tasks on Hand In day and the following ten days.....from polishing picture glass, tucking labels out of sight, checking lists and making tea, to hanging the pictures and sorting the unframed paintings; then again on Hand Back Day, collecting pictures, checking lists, handing over both sold and unsold  paintings, and making the tea again!

Are you newly introduced to Art or an established Painter or Sculpturer? Or are you an Art lover or student who would like to help us as a Volunteer? We are always happy to have new Committee Members too, so do have a good look around the website, and the Our Volunteers pull down page where there is a link to offer your help.

We’d love you to join Sherborne Art Club, if you are not already a Member, so just sign up on the blue button above, or complete the form on the Contact Us page if you have any particular enquiries. We really look forward to hearing from you!

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