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IT'S THAT TIME OF YEAR. The Turner Prize is with us again and this year the shortlised four artists have their ...

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“DREAM IN COLOUR; THINK (OR BELIEVE) IN BLACK AND WHITE” may have been uttered  by Jonathan T.K. B...

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Kate Stone


I am an artist who loves colour. Not only bright colours, but the infinite shades that can be produced from one or two colours.
I enjoy painting groups of similar objects and by mixing shapes and colours, I hope to encourage the viewer to see hidden beauty in everyday items.
I have always painted and drawn, but I trained as a scientist, finally taking up painting full time after 20 years of working in a laboratory.
I paint mainly in oils as this medium produces the intensity of colours I wish to achieve and I am accompanied in my work by a daughter, a dog and a patient husband.


I sold my first paintings when I was 18 and have exhibited in London, at the Mall Galleries and Westminster Hall, and many towns in the south of England.
I won the artist of the year award at the SAA (Society of All Artists) in the 1990s and last year I was the runner up in an international competition organised by Ken Bromley, a company supplying art materials.
My work has sold both in Britain and abroad and one of my paintings is owned by the Russell Cotes Museum. This year I am taking part in the St Barbe Museum, Lymington, exhibition and the Sherborne Open Art exhibition. I also sell my paintings at the Rum's Eg Art Gallery in Romsey.
I hope that anyone who buys my paintings will get as much pleasure from them as I do in producing them.

COPYRIGHT LAW: BY LAW the express permission of the Artist and Copyright Holder MUST be obtained for any further use of these pictures.

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