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Been to Tate St. Ives several times. Many others will have visited there too. But now there will be even more incen...

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NOTED IN THE MEDIA this week. Good news for anyone painting on vellum. Your work is safe from forgery. Each piece ...

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Allen Freiesleben


A lasting influence, from the age of about five, was the bright colour of Disney and Warner Brothers' animations, and I aspired from an early age to be a cartoonist. In the early 1950s, I was made aware of 'fine art' and all the 'isms', beginning with Impressionism, through reading R. H. Wilenski's 'French Modern Painters', a wonderful book combining art criticism with the social history of the early 20th century. I was particularly taken with work by Picasso (especially the later Cubism), Matisse and the German Expressionists, which led to an admiration and easy acceptance of abstract and modern, non-figurative art. Cartoons, after all, are abstractions.

- Cartoons published in the Daily Mirror; TV Times; Punch; Spectator; New Statesman and Leisure Painter

- Cover design for Punch

- Cartoons and fourteen cover illustrations for The Oldie Magazine

- Numerous mixed open exhibitions, one-man show of mono-prints and shared exhibition with son, Lawrence.

COPYRIGHT LAW: BY LAW the express permission of the Artist and Copyright Holder MUST be obtained for any further use of these pictures.

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