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Been to Tate St. Ives several times. Many others will have visited there too. But now there will be even more incen...

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NOTED IN THE MEDIA this week. Good news for anyone painting on vellum. Your work is safe from forgery. Each piece ...

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AN INTERESTING ETHICAL DILEMMA is raised in 'Making a Mark' - artist Katherine Tyrrell's blogspot.

The question posed is: is it ethical to accept prizemoney awarded in an art competition when you fundamentally disagree with the values of the sponsor?

Artist Henry Christian-Slane did after winning the prestigious BP Young Artist Award where his prizemoney was £7,000.

He was content to accept the prizemoney from major oil company BP, but then went on to object to allowing himself to be seemingly manipulated by BP as part of its PR strategy.

As a "....symbolic act..." the artist subsequently donated £1,000 of his award to Greenpeace. Was this a sufficiently ethical response? How would you have acted?

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